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When you are looking for a specific brand of jeans, whether it be


Where to Buy Zu Zu Pets ?
Everyone is screaming for Zu Zu Pets Where to buy them seems to be the number one question everyone is asking.

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Is it a Hamster or is it a Guinea Pig? We think it looks more like a Guinea Pig!! Were not real sure what it is, but we can tell you one thing. Its one of the most sought after toys of the year and because of this, they are selling for unheard of prices on eBay.

They are rather cute but lets face it, its a furry stuffed rodent on wheels. We all know the real reason we all want theses furry little rat, hamsters. Its because our kids want them, they’re in limited supply, and very few people are going to be fortunate enough to have one underneath their Christmas tree this year. What I don’t understand is… Why do Zu Zu Pet TV commercials still run? Its not like you can just walk in to your local Wal-Mart and buy a Zu Zu Pet?

The good news is, you can be that special parent, or family member that is able to give this special little hamster to someone this year. And yes, it’s better than the real thing. Zu Zu Pet hamsters don’t eat, poop, bite, breed, eat their young, keep us up at night, or die.

Ok, I admit it I bought 2 Zu Zu Pet hamsters. The first was Chunk at a bargain price (because the seller had his name misspelled in their listing), soon followed by Pipsqueak. Store’s being out of stock wasn’t going prevent both my kids from having these little guys!! I know my daughter and

The world is brimming with thousands of species of birds. With numerous breeds out there, you will definitely have a lot of choices when it comes to bird tattoos.

There are some common designs, such as that of doves, sparrows or bluebirds. Although they might be familiar to you, they can be done in such ways that they look exceptional and rare. Here are some examples of unique bird tattoos so you can break away from traditional and boring styles.


The swallow is a bird that can be found in most continents, except Antarctica. With its long pointy wings and streamlined body, the swallow is one of the best designs available for those who wish to have bird tattoos.

Swallows signify a lot of thing, and you can pick one to show what you want them to mean. For example, it can denote a positive thing that can take place in the future. After all, when sailors were at sea, seeing a swallow means they are near land.

Another representation of the swallow is loyalty, as it is known to have one single mate for the rest of its lifetime. Lastly, it can show a person’s new love, as swallows were usually used in Egyptian poems talking about novel adoration.


Long considered a spiritual symbol, a dove tattoo can denote numerous meanings. For one, a dove, which holds an olive branch, is said to represent victory, as well as a successful life or relationship.

A flock of doves, on the other hand, denote family and strong ties. A time of new beginning is also associated with a dove tattoo, as it was used by Noah to determine if there is any land where he and his can family can start anew.

As the messenger of Aphrodite, dove tattoos can also signify love. Having a dove with a


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Tips to Transport Animals

June 30th, 2015 / / categories: Animals News /

You can relieve yourself from the hassle of transporting animals provided you prepare the animal correctly for transport. When you are relocating with your pet then you need to select a pet transport crate that is ideal for your pet. Hard plastic is used for the crate and the crate is equipped with a metal gate which is bolted. You can also find the dial/clip type crate at most pet stores however they are not ideal for use when you need to transport animals by air. Make the journey as comfortable as possible and make sure the animal can stand and able to turn without any hassle. The idea is to reduce the stress of animal during carriage. If you want to transport an animal like a large dog and it does not fit into the largest crate size, then it’s necessary to go for the customized crate. Professional pet transport companies provide custom kits convenient for larger pets. If you are planning to relocate then make sure you get a crate well in advance and make sure your animal becomes accustomed with the size. You can go for short trips and put your animal into the crate. It’s important to get your animal examined so the Vet can issue a clean health certificate. You can discuss many things with your Vet regarding transporting animals. If you have a hyper pet then the Vet might offer a pill or natural drop that tends to reduce the stress associated with transportation. It’s advised not to sedate the animal. Natural chamomile can be given to your pet which acts as a calmer. It’s highly recommended to try the product at home before the pet relocation date. You need to take care of food and water for your pet also, it’s a good